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Combine the Power of Your Personal Video Presence with Your PowerPoint Presentation & Speak Directly to your Web Audience, wherever in the world they may be with PowerPoint Presentations on Websites...




See how this technique is being used to produce actual WebTV Shows on Health, Small Business, Internet Promotions, Investing, Weight Loss & Women's Health...

Switch Gears on Your Competition & Change the Presentation Game...

"Working closely with us you developed a look & design that was as pleasing as it was effective. As well you provided it in a format that was easy to use and maintain, giving us additional value. We at the Vancouver Board of Trade want to thank you for a job well done."


Robert Noon

Managing Director

Vancouver Board of Trade


Are you ok with presenting to just a handful of people, maybe just once every month, or would you prefer to present to many thousands every single day, 24/7?

Now you can broaden your reach, increase your audience size & the number of times you present many times over, investing just one hour of your valuable time.

Your Online PowerPoint Presentation combined with Your Streaming Video keeps bringing in business for months & maybe years!


We also offer Full- Featured PowerPoint Video Presentation Production & Reliable Hosting Services For Your Every Presentation and Videocasting Need

Your Presentations or Videocast can play 'Live' or 'On-Demand' on a screen that looks & feels just like your own website - on a managed, secure site that can be made as private as you like or accessible to the whole world.

A simple, open web page or even a full-fledged, secure & managed website complete with your own shopping cart, email, authentication & payment collection system - the choice is yours...

You don't need to worry about a thing! Just leave all that technical stuff to our expert professionals

You can even Password Protect your area to restrict all unauthorized access. ENTER HERE and give it a try...  (password: guest)

View an actual example of a PowerPoint Video done for an actual client...

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View a PowerPoint Online Presentation using just an Audio Voiceover Track

View an actual example of a Custom PowerPoint Video done for an actual client, where the PowerPoint slides were created by us...





Your Online PowerPoint Video On Your Private Presentation Channel


View a short movie for more info on How to Present Online with PowerPoint + Video

Star in Your Own PowerPoint Presentation!

Present with Your PowerPoint - In Person!

Reach Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere in the World - 24/7

You probably know that there is nothing as powerful as presenting to your audience face to face, but PowerPoint without the presenter just doesn't have the ability to communicate effectively. Have you ever asked yourself why? Its because YOU need to be there in person - standing in front of the screen, projecting your personality and energy across the room to your audience.

On its own, a PowerPoint presentation is worse than boring. Imagine, slide after slide of text and more text boring your viewers to death.

What is the purpose of any presentation?
It is to impress your audience,
communicate your true value,
reassure them of your credibility,
Get them to respond to your call to action
And last but not least - to stand out from the competition.

PowerPoint cannot do that on its own - it needs YOU to do the actual presenting - just like in a live seminar or better yet, in a face-to-face meeting. And that's where a Video of you presenting in person together with your PowerPoint, makes that dull, dry presentation persuasive and effective.

So how do we make your presentation more powerful?






Studies done at a well known university nearly 30 years ago found that combined presentations with audio and video are 65 percent more effective than any other medium of communication.


We all know that most Internet users have the attention span of a mosquito!

In a recent study it was proved that if average web surfer's attention is not engaged within 6 seconds, they will click out of the screen and move on! Video has this ability to grab attention and hold it, as any TV viewer knows only too well. And as presenters, that's exactly what we are looking for.

Video allows face-to-face Eye contact any good sales professional knows, that its emotional connection that really sells an idea.

You can even make your presentation private in a password-protected online channel, keeping your material hidden from the competition.

Gone are the restrictions of audience size or presentation times - your presentation is now available to your guests wherever in the world they may be, at a time of their choosing - 24/7

Your online presentation is now so much more impressive and professional looking than the other guy. You will be unique and chances are your competition hasn't caught on to this powerful idea quite yet.

Leverage Your Time

How often do you present? Once a week? Once a month? Why not every day - 24 hours a day? Obviously because its physically impossible to be presenting 24/7 in person!

How many people attend your seminar? One? Ten? Twenty? Why limit the size of your audience?

How many attendees drop out of your seminars because they couldn't make it that day? Well now that becomes a non-issue because they can attend your presentation at their own convenience.

Of course there IS a way that you and your presentation could somehow be available 24/7 - and its on the Internet!


Now you're probably asking yourself, how much does all this cost - well the answer is: less than you think, and probably less than your yearly fix of Starbucks coffee! Besides, unlike the coffee, your presentation actually makes you money.

And if you're concerned about ROI (Return On Investment) - if you landed just ONE customer using this tool, with our pricing you would probably make at least a 100% profit, if not way more!

And last but not least - the very same video can be used and reused in more ways than one - tradeshows, DVDs, CDs, websites, even on VHS tapes, etc. - all at no extra cost.

See our convenient packages...


You are probably under the misperception that streaming video production just has to be so very expensive. Its a false notion that's actively encouraged by certain elements in the video production industry.

Our competition is wondering how we can be priced as low as we are -  here's how...

  • We use your own PowerPoint and your own voice.

  • We record both your video and your slides simultaneously while You control the pace of your own presentation.

  • Using a Teleprompter cuts down on the number of takes.

  • You book just 1 hour of studio time

  • We have our own special post-production system which cuts down on our editing time, which in turn cuts down on your costs.



Our process is simple and time-saving. Just email us your PowerPoint file and your script beforehand and we'll have everything ready for your taping session.

You book an appointment and come in to our studio which is fully equipped with professional sound and lighting and even a Teleprompter

We stand you in front of our camera and you deliver your presentation as usual, clicking through the slides at your own pace...

...and in an hour or less we'll have you out of there.

After that we get to work behind the scenes and in just a couple of days you have a professional video presentation that is the envy of your competitors.



A Custom PowerPoint Presentation built to your special requirements? No problem! Just let us know what you want and we can build it for you! After all we have been creating custom PowerPoint presentations for the last 16 years!

With our Web Development expertise we can also build a mini-website with your very own branding to host your presentation inexpensively and yet reliably with your own unique domain name and we can even keep it password protected and private.

Traffic generation? No problem - we use search engine optimization and have a host of other strategies to drive customers to your website.


Never forget - the main purpose of any presentation is to communicate effectively and profitably - and that's where we have hit upon the unbeatable combination - combining Your own PowerPoint with Your own Streaming Video.


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We guarantee we will help you stand above the rest and

Convert Your Viewers into Customers.






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